“When the mind is imaginative…it takes to itself the faintest hints of life, it converts the very pulses of the air into revelations.” Henry James

At Visioning Lab, we make ideas happen.

Visioning Lab was founded with the principles of creative development at its core. Our starting point is that everyone has an idea of something they would like to do that would benefit society and we go from there.

As Storytellers and Producers, we develop ideas into projects with partners that create compelling stories through absorbing and rewarding immersive experiences.

As Creative Digital consultants, we advise on how to bring creative thinking into organisations, teams and projects and how to make digital work for you.

As a Lab, we experiment with creative processes, develop research into idea development and have fun with adaptive thinking and exploring.

Visioning Lab was founded to meet a growing need for support to develop ideas and to explore how digital tools can help make things happen.

Visioning Lab Ltd is a registered private company in England and Wales limited by shares.
Company number: 11782223