Visioning Lab Update

Visioning Lab is almost a year old now and its focus is starting to firm up.  It is now a well-established strategy in agile organisations to just start and see how the creative energy of the initiative unfolds.

This is the developing narrative that summarises my research activities and how they connect to Visioning Lab:

My primary research focus orients around how organisational structures affect people’s ability to realise their ideas. My PhD was on a civic parade in Manchester and afterwards I was a Research Fellow at Salford University exploring cultural activities in a low income area. While I was doing research in Salford, I developed an interest in how people imagine the future and how this affects their daily activities. I created an initiative ( to think through some of these ideas. A key methodological approach is to use a narrative technique to project people into the future. I’m also looking at virtual reality and immersive experiences to see how these emerging technologies intervene in people’s imaginative processes. I was an digital consultant for 20 years so keen to incorporate my experience in that sector in my research.

I am now working up a new project to explore these ideas further and it would be really brilliant to discuss your activities and how we could possibly work together.

If this sounds like fun, get in touch.

Then watch Annoying Orange’s take on Shia Lebeouf’s Just Do It riff. Hilarious

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