Why AR/VR developments should focus on British cultural heritage as the ‘killer app’

British culture has global appeal. 36 million people visit Britain every year and Visit Britain predicts that tourists will bring £257bn to the UK economy. British arts and culture contribute £11.8bn to the UK economy. British heritage is recognised for its international value.

Meanwhile there are issues with access to the physical infrastructure of tourist sites. Rather obviously, heritage sites were not intended to be visited by millions of people with different mobility issues and understandings.  Damage to heritage infrastructure is a worldwide concern. And too many tourists is a growing problem internationally.

It can be assumed that for every tourist who comes to the UK, there are many more who would like to visit Britain but whose financial or social circumstances prevent them from doing so.

Herein lies an opportunity. By making ‘immersive’ experiences of British cultural heritage available digitally through the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented reality, then people can visit without leaving home.

This would have additional environmental benefits, help ease the pressure on protected locations and generate income for the creative digital sector and the cultural heritage sector.

This is why Visioning Lab are focused on the development of British cultural heritage immersive experiences. Working as Executive Producers, we are putting together projects with partners that will provide the best quality access to British culture for national and international audiences.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch.

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