We like working with organisations and individuals who are similarly intrigued by creative development and new technologies and who want to further develop ideas into projects. 

After 25 years of digital and social entrepreneurship and 10 years as an anthropologist, Dr Jessica Symons has set up Visioning Lab to help people develop their creative digital potential and to offer bespoke services focused on stimulating creative thinking and the growing immersive experiences sector (virtual and augmented reality) with an emphasis on British cultural heritage.

Through our multiple networks, Visioning Lab can connect across public, private and third sector. Immersive Northwest is our network of partners and associates to share learning around the development of augmented and virtual reality in North West England.

If you have something to share and you think we can help, get in touch.

Visioning Lab Ltd is a registered private company in England and Wales limited by shares.
Company number: 11782223