visioningOur current activities include the following and click here for our previous work:

Stimulating ideas through 1-2-1, small or large group workshops

Running future visioning sessions using an established tried-and-tested method

Performing at events providing guided imagining sessions

Creating imaginative pathways to help define vague ideas into concrete plans

Making creative allegories drawing comparisons with other cultures

Broadcasting visioning sessions on our Visioning Lab YouTube channel

Our approach uses different creative exercises to help gain new perspectives on developing situations. These can work at world/country/city levels, on sector/company/community direction and/or on individual aspirations.

Our structured and experimental processes combine art, technology and social science into a visioning laboratory.

These activities are particularly suitable for organisations who want to increase/develop creativity in their outlook eg cultural/creative industries, tech/digital sector, blue chip, management consultancies and the public sector.

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