As Producers, we develop ideas into projects with partners that create compelling stories through absorbing and rewarding immersive experiences.

As Creative Digital Consultants, we advise on how to bring creative thinking into organisations, teams and projects and we advise on how to use digital tools creatively.

As Producers…

Our process as Producers builds on existing experience on idea development, creative processes, digital consultancy and anthropology.

We start by looking for interesting content (compelling stories that need to be told) and we put resources around the content owner (such as designers, technical, producers, funders) to make the idea come into being.

This is an outline of how we work:

  • Preliminaries: we chat to interested parties about possible ways of collaborating and how we can get involved. We suggest ideas, partners, themes and processes.
  • Practicalities: we focus on the details asking what exactly do we want to do, how are we going to do it, where, when, who with. We agree a realistic plan of action and a budget. We identify sources of funding
  • Proposal: we develop the idea into 1+ proposals based on funding possibilities.
  • Project Startup: we get the project going, making sure all the partners agree on their deliverables and we stay in touch as the project develops
  • Output and Analysis: we monitor the outputs and carry out an analysis of the development process
  • Reporting: we report on the delivered project and ensure that everyone is informed and paid

As Creative Digital Consultants…

Creative is as creative does: People perform best when supported to follow through on their own ideas. A sense of empowerment brings passion, commitment and resilience.  We help people consider how their ideas can be developed. In organisations, we advise on how to support people to develop their own ideas, across organisations, in teams and on particular projects.

Digital tools are so often the ‘tail that wags the dog’. Technology is a great enabler, but it must support what you want to do. We have 25 years experience in the digital sector. We do not believe the hype. Get in touch if you want to keep technology in control and working for you, not against you.

If you would like to find out more about our approach, please get in touch

And if you have an idea you want to explore further, come to our Lab