Visioning Lab’s activities are shaped by who we work with

We help in the following ways

  • Business development: Finding the relationship is usually the first step to finding funding. We can demonstrate how to generate opportunities and make things happen.
  • Network development: We can advise both on how to network and help make connections. We know how to write speculative emails that people will reply to.
  • Workshop facilitation: We run workshops in multiple formats with groups sizes ranging from a handful to a hundred. Each workshop is tailor-made to your purpose and objective.
  • Digital consultancy: We understand digital technology and can help you understand it too. Our ability to interface between the technologists and everyone else has become increasingly important in the digital era.
  • Creativity consultancy: We have strategies to enhance creative potential and can work with you and your organisation to emphasise the creative spirit that resides in every human being.
  • Market research: We can do quick tests on ideas to see how they fly with any demographic.We have access to academics, PhD qualified researchers, multiple age groups, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Mapping / exploring your organisation’s potential: We work with you to sketch out different possibilities for you/your organisation and identify where you could go and what you could do.

Here are some of our current activities

If you would like to find out more about our approach, please get in touch