Popup Digital Art Gallery

The Popup Digital Gallery is a new product by Visioning Lab which enables cultural venues, city administrators and managers of public spaces to create affordable digital experiences for visitors.

Artworks and other 3D digital objects can be made available  on the Popup Digital Gallery platform for visitors to access through their phones via an app or using tablets provided.

Animate your spaces using the Popup Digital Gallery.           


A key challenge for Augmented and Virtual Reality is people’s awareness of the terms themselves. The terms AR/VR mean little to the general public. Since there are already so many apps, technologies, digital and social media tools, there is little incentive for people to try to work out what AR/VR is and its value in their lives.

PopupView.com addresses this knowledge gap by making AR fun, easy and sticky. It provides access to digital artworks via a phone app with a very simple message:

The art is all around you, you just need a device to see it

While there are AR apps which show digital art and other objects, there is currently no instantly recognisable brand which offers access to multiple 3D digital assets via an augmented reality app. PopupView.com seeks to address that gap.

“It’s like Pokemon Go but for art”

PopupView launch

September 2019, Salford Quays, UK

For its launch exhibition, the Popup Digital Gallery is working with partners in MediaCityUK to offer a Doodle Art Hunt to showcase artists’ work using virtual reality during a short residency at The Landing, Salford Quays.

Artists who usually work with traditional materials such as pencil, ink, paint and clay, were invited to doodle using virtual reality tools such as Oculus Quill, Google Tiltbrush and Gravity Sketch.

In September 2019, their arty doodles will be available for viewing in Salford Quays, accessible via a free mobile phone app. Users are invited to download the app, open a map of Salford Quays and visit locations chosen by the artists.

The Doodle Art Hunt involves finding access points in Quays locations that ‘popup’ the arty doodles using the in-app phone camera.

Visitors who share photos of all the arty doodles on social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) using #popupdigitalgallery win 3D versions of the artworks to download.

The Popup Digital Gallery is available for hire. If interested, please get in touch with Visioning Lab via hello@visioninglab.com