PopupView 3D Digital Gallery

'I draw what I see and paint how I feel' LS Lowry
‘I draw what I see and paint how I feel’ LS Lowry

Groups of People at the Lightwaves Festival 2019

PopupView is delighted to announce a new AR experience to be launched at the Lightwaves 2019 Festival on Thursday 5th December 2019.

See digital artworks pop up in 3D using this augmented reality (AR) app.

Anthropologist Dr Jessica Symons worked with artists Jacki Clark and Amber Sanchez and visitors to the Immersive Lab at the Landing in MediacityUK to make work that responds to art by internationally famous local artist L.S. Lowry.

At a series of open studios at the Landing’s Immersive Lab in MediacityUK, people were invited to look at LS Lowry’s sketches and paintings of Salford and discuss how his work connected with them. They used Google Tiltbrush, a 3D drawing tool, to sketch out ideas inspired by his work.

In these digital 3D sketches, you can see ordinary, everyday life, the famous dull grey skies of Northern England, cold and hunched people. You also see how buildings, factories and houses bring a sense of order, with people as the soft bits in between. Lowry’s work stimulated interesting discussions about community and what brings purpose and pleasure to our daily lives.

Download the app, take it to the 2019 Lightwaves Festival in Salford Quays near Manchester, find the ‘trigger images’, open the app and point your phone camera at the images. See how Lowry-inspired 3D digital artworks ‘pop out’ for you to enjoy, take photos and share through social media.

The trigger images will also go online via http://www.popupview.com at the launch of the festival.


The Popup Digital Gallery is a new product by Visioning Lab which enables cultural venues, city administrators and managers of public spaces to create affordable digital experiences for visitors.

Artworks and other 3D digital objects can be made available  on the Popup Digital Gallery platform for visitors to access through their phones via an app or using tablets provided.

Animate your spaces using the Popup Digital Gallery.           

We make content and run workshops so you can make your own popup digital gallery as well.

For recent activities, go to PopupView.com: the story so far

A key challenge for Augmented and Virtual Reality is people’s awareness of the terms themselves. The terms AR/VR mean little to the general public. Since there are already so many apps, technologies, digital and social media tools, there is little incentive for people to try to work out what AR/VR is and its value in their lives.

PopupView.com addresses this knowledge gap by making AR fun, easy and sticky. It provides access to digital artworks via a phone app with a very simple message:

The digital is all around you, you just need a device to see it

popviewlogoWhile there are AR apps which show digital art and other objects, there is currently no instantly recognisable brand which offers access to multiple 3D digital assets via an augmented reality app.

PopupView.com seeks to address that gap.


The Popup Digital Gallery is available for hire. If interested, please get in touch with Visioning Lab via hello@visioninglab.com