PopupView workshops

We are keen to share the process of making a popup digital gallery so people can make their own.

These workshops are designed for people with little or no experience in virtual and augmented reality technologies. People with experience are also welcome to attend.

Jacki Clark
Artist Jacki Clark with one of her butterflies

During this one-day workshop, you will

  • explore a public setting and develop a narrative for animating it using digital means
  • identify an image or photograph to use as a ‘trigger’ to access your 3D object
  • create your own 3D digital object using Google Tiltbrush
  • watch the process of making the popup digital gallery app using Unity and Vuforia
  • see your work come to life in the public setting


Dates for upcoming workshops (9.30am-4pm) are:

September 5, 10, 16, 25

October 1, 9 ,17, 30

The workshops are scheduled to take place at The Landing in Salford Quays. Other locations can also be arranged if requested.

Costs are based on number of people in the workshop. You can choose from £75 (for 10 people), £150 (for 4 people) or £500 (for private tuition). To express an interest or make a booking, please get in touch

Please get in touch if you want to attend and cannot make these dates – we are always scheduling more.